Javier Arcenillas

  • The 31 year old Karina Marlene was gunned down with 6 shots from a taxi in zone 10 of Guatemala city.

  • Detail on the blood traces after Karina Marlene ́s murder in zone 10 of Guatemala City.

  • A "Sicario" is pointing Luis Esteban in the neck asking for his money back in Guatemala City.

  • Cries in the neighbourhood of San Pedro Sula, Honduras for a shot in the street.

  • Herman Omar Benegas Palma, MS mara member is shot inside his car on the road in Villanueva, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, his vehicle had 40 shots.

  • Juvenile detention Saul and Walter David Martinez Quilez in district 1 of Tegucigalpa, Honduras for possession of marijuana. In the image detainees are beaten by police.

  • Reception under the program tattooed national extraction exmareros tattoos for social reintegration Ihnfa (Institute honduran children and family) the image of Mara Poter 18.

  • Prevention cells in the post 15th district police Belen, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Women arrested for minor offenses.

  • Funeral sisters Daisy and Maria Moon, from Sergio Torres community of Canton la presa Municipal Cemetery in the north of the city of Usulutan in El Salvador and buried the day of the Holy Innocents.

  • Graffiti Works in the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduran artist Maeztro Urbano.

  • Marero Belt Gun shaped San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

  • Victor Alvarado entering the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to be attended by a knife attack in the neighborhood of Quimistan for assault and robbery.

  • Police Intervention in Colonia San Francisco to make the arrests of some members of the Gang of Alegria, known criminals of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

  • Assault at Hotel Richard seventh avenue in comayagüela woman cries mary rina monzon disconsolate over the body of Renaldo Palma allegedly killed in a discussion.

  • Cells of the first police station in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Theft by prisoners and unidentified drug trafficking.

Violence in Latin America

The project aims to document the axis of uncontrolled violence in Latin America and the social and political factors which aggressively feed such violence. These images are a sociological essay of violence, in one of the most violent zones in the world at it’s most dramatic and miserable. The impotence of pain and hell of the victims in a daily theater of war where violence is always the news of the day.

Honduras is considered one of the most violent places on earth. Every day on the streets of cities like San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, murders, robberies and violence are daily and more present.
Ineffective internal politics make the area unstable. The trafficking of drugs into the USA is uncontrollable and the insecure neighborhoods of Maras or attempts to control the Zetas border is the closest thing to a daily war.

The report of the Organization of American States emphasizes that in a country like Honduras violent death occurs every 74 minutes. In 2011, it was the most violent nation in the world, totaling 7,104 murders documented by police.

In these places the use of youth and children to be trained as Sicarios is a regular job. They are attracted by the ease of making money that gives them respect and fear. In the process of training the young killer from the most consumed strata of society become true harbingers of death.

In a country without war where violent deaths occur every hour, the social portrait of Honduras is considered the most terrifying place in the world.
The homicide rate per 100,000 population, which in 1999 was 42.1, is now 86, almost eight times what the WHO considers an epidemic. The world average is 8.8.

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