Chien-Chi Chang (Winner)

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, getting from Vienna to Kyiv took a little less than two hours in the air. But now the journey takes about two days, using all forms of transportation—train, car, bus, taxi—plus hours of waiting at borders and numerous checkpoints. Still, I am finally home again from

Emin Özmen (Winner)

Turkish by birth, I grew up in a culture where the Kurdish issue is ever-present and remains sensitive. Because of the deterioration of Turkey’s free press, the official state view dominates public opinion. The media tend to show the conflict in a very Manichean way. I wanted to document what was really going on. It

Raphaela Rosella (2nd place)

It’s hard to celebrate a birth when you know what’s coming. Still, Rowrow smiled as she lay in a hospital bed, 38-weeks pregnant with her fourth child. Her green prison uniform sat carefully folded next to her. Two corrective service officers hovered nearby. At 9:20pm we heard his first cries. Four days later with tears

Rehab Eldalil

The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken is a personal project in which I reconnect to my roots and explore the meaning of home and the idea of belonging in the liminal Bedouin life in South Sinai, Egypt. Working collaboratively with the Bedouin community to depict a contemporary portrayal of the Bedou’

Nicolo Filippo Rosso

Exodus A political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela led to an outflow of 5 million migrants from the country since 2016. Colombia is the country most impacted by this exodus. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 1.8 million Venezuelans are in Colombia, of which half a million are children: a number underestimated since

Graham Dickie

Clinton, Louisiana, USA and its neighboring towns are home to dozens of young people making rap music in order to express their reality in today’s rural South. The vicious cycle of rural poverty, the police shootings that have killed family members, the joy and faith that nevertheless persist inside them – these are the real

Giles Clarke

After almost 4 years of relentless conflict, Yemen now faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has rapidly engulfed the majority of the population of the Middle East’s poorest nation.With the ongoing Iranian-backed Houthi rebel and Saudi-led coalition conflict already raging, there are also lawless Al-Qaeda and ISIL-held regions that have left the Middle East’s poorest

Bharat Choudhary

The Silence of ‘Others’ is a critical examination of the consequences of the never-ending War on Terror, and how the War has enabled the debasement of the lives of Muslim communities in the United States of America. The War on Terror and its propaganda has nurtured an anti-Islamic prejudice in America and has promoted a

Brendan Hoffman (Winner)

Ukraine is in the process of its largest societal transformation since its rebirth as an independent nation following the collapse of the Soviet Union more than twenty-seven years ago. The 2013- 14 Maidan revolution represented a coming-of-age for a generation of Ukrainians who never experienced Soviet life and for whom adopting European values and lifestyles

Enayat Asadi

This is an alternative history that can help us comprehend the lives and struggle of refugees. There are still limitless stories that have yet to be told or discovered. The project relates to the migration of a wave of Afghan refugees, who have been forced into trafficking by illegal traffickers due to the bitter and