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The timeline allows you to explore Philip’s photography in detail over the span of five decades.
It serves as a digital map of of every story Philip covered in his 50 year plus illustrious career.

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Explore the 1950s


In the 1950s Philip left Wales to explore the world. By the end of the decade he was photographing stories from ban the bomb marches to Bob Hope in New York.

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Explore the 1960s


in the 1960s, Philip started travelling the globe. He became a member of Magnum Photos and first travelled to Vietnam.

102 Projects

Explore the 1970s


Whilst the Vietnam War raged on Philip encountered more conflict in places such as Northern Ireland as well as breathtaking beauty in places like Papua New Guinea.

65 Projects

Explore the 1980s


In the 1980s, Philip became president of Magnum Photos and continued to travel the world including returning regularly to Vietnam to continue to cover the lasting impact of the war.

32 Projects

Explore the 1990s


From Afghanistan to Gay Pride parades New York to the oil battles in Kuwait, the 1990s were no less varied and international for Philip.

45 Projects

Explore the 2000s


Philip continued travelling and working well into the 2000s, even after his cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the decade.

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