Vietnam after war

Philip Jones Griffiths is perhaps best known for his seminal book, Vietnam Inc, documenting the war that raged until the withdrawal of American troops, as the losing side, in 1973. What made Philip different than most of the photojournalists who covered that particular war was that he returned to Vietnam, every year after the war ended, for at least 30 years. In the last publication before his death, Philip laid out in his book Vietnam at Peace, a new question. Who had really won the war? With the obliteration of centuries old architecture and culture, the homogeneity of modern urban societies, and the ever widening umbrella of capitalism with it’s garish advertisements, this question is elegantly poised and beautifully documented in over 500 pictures that comprise this book. Here Philip can be heard talking about this book and of Vietnam in a short video produced in 2008.

Philip Jones Griffiths is the one who showed us Vietnam as a country, not a war, and the Vietnamese as an amazing human community

John Pilger