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  • Vietnam Inc.


    First published in 1971, Vietnam Inc. played a crucial part in changing public attitudes in the United States, turning the tide of opinion and ultimately helping to put an end to the Vietnam War. Philip Jones Griffiths’ classic account of the war was the outcome of three years of intensive reporting and is one of

  • Dark Odyssey


    Philip Jones Griffiths, one of this century’s master photographers, is unparalleled at creating relentlessly perceptive images that encompass the beauty, the atrocities, the ceremonies, the moments of brutality and compassion that coalesce as history. Griffith’s eagerly anticipated retrospective Dark Odyssey traces his forty-year journey through this chaotic world, from the wide horizon of his native Wales to

  • Agent Orange:

    Collateral Damage in Viet Nam


    Philip Jones Griffiths, for a record five years the President of Magnum Photos, created in Vietnam, Inc. a record of the war there of almost Biblical proportions. No one who has seen it will forget its haunting images. In Agent Orange he has added a postscript that is equally memorable. In 1960 the United States

  • Viet Nam at peace


    Viet Nam At Peace is the monumental chronicle of a country struggling to emerge from the apocalyptic destruction of war, a destruction so seismic that it was thought vainly by many to be the end of all contemporary imperial aggression. It is Tolstoyan in its reach and emotional responses. Philip Jones Griffiths, the author of

  • Recollections


    Recollections, which was published in 2008, offers a rich counterpoint to the war reportage, and provides a wonderful retrospective of Griffiths’ photographs of Britain in the 1950s onwards. These pictures can stand in good company with those of his friend and colleague, Henri Cartier-Bresson. With an uncanny sense of composition, timing, and point of view,