TALK – Magnum Photos Now: Photography, Journalism, and Legacy

March 2018 will mark ten years since the death of acclaimed Magnum photojournalist, Philip Jones Griffiths. His work stands as an irreplaceable document of the latter half of the 20th century, and he is best known for his landmark book, Vietnam Inc., which had a major impact on the public perception of the Vietnam War. Noam Chomsky observed of Vietnam Inc.: “If anybody in Washington had read that book, we wouldn’t have had these wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

A discussion at the Barbican, part of Magnum’s ongoing talk series, will explore how the legacy, archive, and ethics of a committed photojournalist can live on following their death, and be made available for future generations. Professor Julian Stallabrass will be joined in discussion by Philip Jones Griffiths’ Foundation trustees Katherine Holden and Fanny Ferrato, and Director of Trolley Books, Hannah Watson.

March 15th at 7pm – book tickets here