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When Philip first found out that he had cancer in 2000, one of his first actions was to set up The Philip Jones Griffiths Foundation. The purpose of his Foundation was to preserve his work to inspire future generations, but his goals for the Foundation went far beyond just inspiration. Philip wanted his Foundation to actually help photojournalists cover the stories that need to be told.

When Philip talked about Vietnam he talked about the two approaches to a story, As Philip put it; “the choice that every photographer can make is ultimately, do you cover a huge area in a very shallow way, or do you try and concentrate and go deeper”. This award exists to reward exactly that. To help photojournalists dig behind the facades of what is happening and reveal the true forces at play.

We aim for the PJG Award to be annual and it will be judged by a mixture of highly respected professionals and renowned photographers. The winner’s work will be published on our website.